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Douglas County Child Advocacy Center

Douglas County Child Advocacy Center

Our Goal:

The goal of the Douglas County Child Advocacy Center is to reduce the trauma experienced by child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members by providing a central, child friendly environment in which they can receive all needed services and by facilitating a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse.

Purpose of a Child Advocacy Center:

Child Advocacy Centers offer a neutral child friendly space for forensic interviews to be conducted by interviewers who are trained in a protocol that puts the needs, safety and mental health of a child first. The Child Advocacy Center provides a way for individual agencies to work together in a multidisciplinary team that centers the needs of child victims of abuse.

In an effort to address every aspect of a child’s life the Child Advocacy Center provides wrap-around services for children and their families. Trauma specific counseling services are provided free of charge to the child and family, fostering healing and recovery.

Future incidents of child abuse can be decreased through the education of parents, the community, organizations and professionals about the signs, protective factors and unique developmental needs of children. The Child Advocacy Center and its partner agencies provide educational programming to increase knowledge and awareness throughout our community.

Services Offered:

All services proved by the Douglas County Child Advocacy Center are free of charge to child victims and their non-offending caregivers.

  • Forensic Interviews
  • Forensic Medical Examinations
  • Case Management
  • Trauma Specific Counseling Services
  • Support Groups
  • Training and Education
  • Crime Victims Compensation

Additional Resources

  • Power and Control Wheel – This is a helpful tool in understanding the ways that an abuser use power and control to manipulate their victim.
  • Crime Victim Compensation - This is a state funded program that provides funds to victims in relation to financial burdens that may come due to a crime, such as medical costs or lost wages.
  • Prevent Child Abuse Georgia - This is a helpful tool to locate resources and educational support within your local community.

If you suspect a child has been a victim of child abuse in Douglas County or anywhere else, please report it to the Division of Child and Family Services 24/7 at 1-855-GACHILD / 1-855-422-4453.

If you suspect a child is in danger, please call 911 immediately.

For help, guidance or additional information you can call us at 770-693-2899.